How to Delete Free Space Files?

We all thought we were all alike, but we know that the files on your computer’s memory are actually stuffed by the files we thought we had dumped. As we know it must be done format at least 6 times in order for the file to be completely erased from the computer. Today, without the need to format Windows 6 times, Windows uses the blessing that it has presented to use and the command system (cmd). With this method How to Delete Free Space Files?


How to Delete Free Space Files?


  • Open the command system by typing “cmd” in the Start menu.
  • Type “cipher / w: c” in Cmd.
  • In the code I wrote above (“cipher / w: c”), you can also type the drive letter of your disk in d instead of c or any disk letter.


Check this occasionally my computer folder when this command works. Hard disc space may seem to be running low. Do not worry? This is the process of overwriting files. You will earn space on hard disc. You can see the incremental area when the computer restarts.


Do not do anything close to an hour on the computer after this command is run and make sure your computer does not have a program running in the background.


When you go into my computer folder and look at the diskette, you will see that your space grows?

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